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Stourton Caundle, Bishops Caundle, Purse Caundle Florists DT10 2

Stourton Caundle, Bishops Caundle, Purse Caundle Flowers. Caundle an unusual local name  ‘Caundle’ may originally have been a Celtic name for the chain of hills in the vicinity, which look from Dorset toward Somerset, but its exact meaning remains obscure. Samde day flower delivery in DT10 2.

We deliver to Stalbridge Rd - DT10 2JG,  Jubilee Close - DT10 2JH,   Veales - DT10 2JL,   Drove Rd  - DT10 2JN,   Pophams - DT10 2JP,   Cat Lane - DT10 2JX,    Goldsneys - DT10 2JR,   Brimble Cottages - DT10 2JS,  Rowden Mill Lane - DT10 2 JW,  Bridge Cottages - DT10 2JW,  Burrow Hill - DT10 2LD,  Drove Close  - DT10 2QH

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Elston - Cerise Pink, Cream Rose Bouquet.
Yellow and Blue Bouquet Includes Tulips in Season Joanne's Florist Winchester
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